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Hey guys been looking all over the net but can't find info on this. I bought an extreme accelero plus with the VR001 heatsinks for my XFX 6970. I cannot get the gpu holes to match up with the back plate holes for the screws. Is this the only way to fasten them together? Can anyone suggest a place and product number to the back plate I need? Thanks for your help guys.
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  1. The backplate you have came from where? Did it come with the Accelero Plus?



    The reason it may not fit is because there are two types of cards , one is the reference model and the other is a non-reference model. So you have to determine what your card is.
    The first link is for the reference model and the second link is for the non-refernce model. Here is also a link to other brands of backplates;

  2. I bought it off Ebay and the seller told me it would fit onto my 6970 as long as I bought the VR001 kit for it. I have an XFX 6970 CNFC.

    Besides the mounting screws on the outer layer I can't visualize how these brackets would mount onto the Accelero Extreme Plus.

    Did you fit the plate onto your 6970? Do you have any instructions or pics to provide so I could better educate myself as to how this tool works before I purchase it?
  3. Ok, well I was watching a video on youtube involving a 6970 and apparently his bracket came with the heatsink kit. Mine did not.
  4. I don't have a 6970 but the backplate goes onto the back side of the card itself and the Accelero fan and heatsink will go on the other side of the card itself. You do not attach the backplate to either the heatsink or the Accelero fan. It's kind of like making a sandwich where the video card is the inside and the Accelero fan and heatsink go on to one side and the back plate goes onto the other side. Also the VR001 heatsinks will go onto the ram chips that are placed near to the gpu. There are no screws for these little heatsinks and they basicly stick on to the ram chips with a thermal paste compound and then the Accelero fan/heatsink will cover over them.

    Also the cnfc model is the standard edition of the 6970 so you will need the backplate for that model if you don't already have it.
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