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Can i play audio from two sources simultaneously?

Hi everyone. I just downloaded spotify on my phone and have plugged my phone into my m audio speakers via aux cable. The m audio speakers are also connected to my motherboard via audio cables. So i am playing sound from two sources (phone and comp) on the same speakers. I have been playing sc2 (with sound) and listening to music this way. Is this configuration OK? I am also considering downloading spotify on my comp directly so all sound comes from the motherboard but I am always hesitant to download music programs on my comp. Thoughts?
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  1. Keep using your phone. the music stream will bog down your internet connection on your comp plus the music program will eat into system resources slowing your game performance.
  2. thanks for the response. Playing sound out of the aux port and the white/red audio ports simultaneously is not an issue for the speakers?
  3. It wont hurt them if thats what your asking.
  4. ok, thanks triple
  5. tripledouce said:
    Keep using your phone. the music stream will bog down your internet connection on your comp plus the music program will eat into system resources slowing your game performance.

    His phone is already streaming via wifi, so it will not effect the "strain" on his network, and either way streaming audio has negligible effect on all but the slowest of connections.

    If a simple streaming program bogs down your computer, then you need to upgrade that Pentium 2.
  6. If the phone works, I would do it for one reason.

    Windows(7/Vista/8) even with normalization OFF(and the communication set to do nothing) will still cause slight volume fluctuation with steaming audio and playing SC2 at the same time.

    SC2 will effectively muffle out the music. This can get annoying because it depends on the song playing AND what SC2(or other games. some games are much better then others) is doing. Play some music then lets lots of Terran units fire off guns, you may not may not be able to hear it, but in general, this causes the audio volumes to fluctuate. I sure can hear it.

    This was something I never noticed before because I used to actually use another system for music streaming. then when my old speakers failed, I no longer had 2 inputs to use at the same time. I came up with my own work around for this later

    That said, not all users will be bothered by it, so give it a try and see how it goes.

    I do not think you will have ANY performance related issues of streaming and gaming on the same pc.
  7. i have a i7 2600k, clocked to 4.5 .. and i get 50mb/s down 20mbs up on fios.. my concern is how secure spotify is really more than anything else. And the speaker/interference concern
  8. you use two sets of speakers then nuke?
  9. I have doubt that steaming music is going to cause any security issues.

    Speakers with 2 inputs that play together are perfectly safe. They are designed with this in mind and contain the needed hardware to make device. What speakers are you running?

    As for my current setup. I took the DIY path and setup a small(and very basic) mixer :). Thanks to the folks over at
    leads to <- with a wire missing in the image :( leads to this
    then this

    As for the audio self volume thing, It does not happen if you can get a plugin(OpenAL for creative users and from what I hear Asus Xonar users as well) to use hardware acceleration on the audio player.
  10. very cool setup.. im using m-audio av40s.. last night i was playing sc2 and streaming from the phone (aux input) and had no issues.. audio seemed very clear on both ends. im going to keep this going unless i run into a problem.
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    Yup those are made to run that way :)

    On page 3 on the manual
    5. Stereo Auxiliary Input and Headphone Output
    For maximum flexibility, we have included a stereo “Aux” input which allows you to plug in a
    secondary audio source (such as your portable music player) in addition to the main RCA and 1/4"
    TRS inputs. The volume control works on all inputs simultaneously. Additionally, there is a stereo
    headphone output next to the “Aux” jack that mutes the sound coming out of the speakers and
    redirects it to your headphones.

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  13. thanks a lot for your help
  14. Any time.
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