just wanna make sure from the experienced one...

im now wanna get GPU card..

my choice is GTX580 ti/590 ti

what the best between :


can someone explain to me each GPU from its speciality..TQ
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    Well for starters there is no such thing as a GTX 580 Ti or 590 Ti , it's a GTX 580 or a GTX 590. I would say that the Evga is the top model followed by the Msi and if you can get your hands on a GTX 590 from Evga then you should grab it because those things are extremely scarce and I don't even remember seeing a GTX 590 from MSI and after going to thier web site I don't see one there as well so with MSI it will have to be just the GTX 580 , maybe two in SLI.
    Since the GTX 590 is so hard to find you may want to be considering two GTX 580's in SLI. The order of best to last would be , Evga ,MSI , Asus and Gainward.
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  3. thank you so much GURU.... :love:
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