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Dead Tagan 580w PSU?

Hello I'm writing here because I have absolutely no knowledge on how PSU works. What happened is that last night when I turned off the pc I connected my phone to the cable which was connected to the mobo in order to recharge it. It usually works. But this time when I connected my phone, my pc turned on or so I thought but it was weird since it was too silent and it didn't beep. I ignored it, turned off the psu ( from I to O) and went to sleep.

In the morning I couldn't turn on my pc so I guessed it was psu problem and it of course was. I could turn pc with other psu and couldn't turn on other rig with my tagan.

I think that what happened in the night is that when I connected my phone, the only thing that turned on was psu, without powering mobo and rest of the rig, but I honestly have no idea how it could happen. Now when I change the switch on the Tagan from 0 to I I can hear something there clicking but in no way can I turn on the pc. So my question is: Is there a chance for this psu to come back to life or there was some kind of short circuit when I connected my mobile phone and I should forget about it?

Kind regards!
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    99% likely the Tagan PSU is dead.

    If a computer is shut down, but the switch in the back is not flipped then the computer constantly has power going through it.

    If it didn't, the power button wouldn't work. The power button works by making a bridge between point A and point B when it is pushed down. That means electricity that is constantly flowing to A has no way to get to B until the power button is pushed in. Once it gets to B, that allows the computer to do what some might call waking up.

    All that power used while the computer is off goes through a power cable that is called +5vSB.

    Power Supplies can fail a few different ways, but for older PSUs one of the most common ways is by overloading the +5vSB line.

    That same line also powers all of the USB devices in the PC so those people who use large numbers of USB devices generally have a higher likelihood of their +5vSB lines failing than does the average person who uses fewer.

    I am guessing that you connected the phone to a USB cable and that was the proverbial straw that broke the camel's back and pushed an already shaky PSU over the edge.

    All electrical components degrade over time, so this is really nothing unusual. It happens generally more quickly the lower the quality of the PSU you are using and if I looked into the Tagan brand it would probably turn out not to be such a high quality PSU.

    I would suggest getting a new PSU of the Corsair CX series, a 430w, 500w, or 600w, depending on what your specifications are and using that instead of getting whatever the cheapest thing you can find of a given wattage is, that way such problems take longer to reoccur moving forwards.

    Just guessing, the Tagain 580w would probably be rated at no higher than 400w if using a fair rating scale, so any of the ones I mentioned should be at least as good as it.

    - Edit - In case it isn't clear, I would guess the Tagan 580 has about a 1% chance of ever coming back to life.
  2. Thank you very much for reply. I had this tagan for 6-7 years now so I'm not really suprised it finally gave up, but I wanted to be sure anyway. I think ill get corsair cx500w since it's not that expensive and should be sufficient for my rig. Thanks!
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  4. PSUs normally make it about 3 - 5 years, so it must not have been taxed heavily if it made it to 7 years.

    It shouldn't be very surprising for any PSU to die that has seen 7 years of continuous use, should be more expected.

    You can probably expect about the same from the Corsair CX 500w.
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