MY build and a few oc questions

Sorry for reposting but forgot to change the titel.
Hi any comments on my build?
Will be used for gaming, recording and editing.
My monitor is a Asus VG278H LCD 3d nvidia vision 2.

Asus Sabertooth z77 (Because it looks awesome)
Asus GTX 680 OC top
Intel i7 3770k
Corsair Vengeance Quad 1866Mhz 16GB
Corsair H100 CPU waterCooler
Corsair SP120 Hige performance 120mm fan x4(for the H100 push pull)
Corsair SSD GT Force 120GB
Storm Trooper XL-ATX
Western Digital Black 1TB

Im hoping i can use my corsair cx 600 watt psu

A few OC questions

The website im buying from have 2 editions of the Asus GTX 680.
One with 1084 MHZ and one with 1201 MHz, the price difference is as much as about 33 usd.
is there really a diffrence to this 2 cards? If i get the 1084 mhz cant i just increas it to 1201?

The Corsair Vengeance Quad 1866Mhz 16GB It comes pre clocked? As its 1866 mhz?
I know that a 1666mhz you have to enable in bios to be able to use the 333 more mhz, but what about the 1866?
Also with my build would be better to get 2x8 gig or 4x4? on older builds if you had 2 mem bricks it would take advantage of duel channel. But i dont think my sabertooth has quad channel. So would the 2x8 using duel channel be faster?

Thx a lot
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  1. Someone who could answear my oc questions :) ?
  2. You will need a new psu if you are planning on getting a 680
  3. It will only run in dual channel on Sandy/Ivy Bridge socket motherboards. As with any RAM above 1333MHZ you will have to alter the settings in the BIOS by setting the XMP profile for it. Quad channel RAM and dual channel RAM will both work as dual channel if that's all your motherboard has to give.
  4. Also, if you plan on your PC working properly for years to come, I would shoot higher than the entry level Corsair 600 you have... It is barely enough power, apparently used so it has aged capacitors, and you plan on overclocking.

    Essentially if you take your PSU to the max, it will eventually blow and possibly take other things with it.
  5. Blowing up... Other components. Wow I dont want that xD
    Well i think i will stay with the 600 psu i got a few month's and wait with ocing as my budget is maxed out.
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