Vga-dvi adapter vs dvi

Which of the two is superior?

1, VGA cable with VGA-DVI adapter attached to the video card
2, DVI cable with nothing else

I'm currently using option 1 and I wonder if option 2 would improve the quality.
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  1. Yes option two will improve the quality.
  2. yes it would, slightly...
    you are using an analog signal at the moment, going digital with dvi has some advantages. The picture quality might improve especially with high resolutions and you wouldn't need to adjust the 'phase' and 'clock' settings on the monitor.
  3. I was using opt 1 but I dug out of my collection of PC parts and found a DVI-D and Hooked it up and I did notice a slight difference in the resolution. I will never run VGA if I can help it Good luck to you.
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