Installing Quicken Home Inventory Manager on Windows 7

I have a copy of Quicken Home Inventory Manager (2006), but I have a newer Windows 7 computer. When I attempt to install the program, it just won't do it -- a pop-up says the program isn't compatible with my computer.

Any ideas?

Kay Klepey
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  1. Many older programs and peripherals are not compatible with Windows 7. Other than going back to XP or whatever you had before, you would need to find a newer version of that program. You can consult this guide. It may help.

    Alternately, you can try copying all the files from the install disk to say a folder on your desktop. You can then right click on the setup file in that folder, usually setup.exe or something similar, and select properties. From there you would select the compatibility tab and then select Windows XP. Then click OK.

    What you are basically doing is faking the setup program into thinking you still have Windows XP. If the install is successful, you will want to go to the program's shortcut, right click and do the compatibility thing again. No guarantees this will work either.

    Unfortunately this is what Microsoft and it's partners in crime do for a living. Make new stuff that is not compatible with old stuff so you have to buy even more new stuff. It's a great racket.

    There are various other solutions I could provide, but they are a bit more complicated and time consuming.
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