Will I Ned A New Heatsink/ Fan After CPU Upgrade?

I currently own a Dimension E520 with a Pentium D 915 2.80GHz 4MB Cache Processor and am planning to upgrade to a E6400 Core 2 Duo 2.13GHz 2MB Cache and i would like to know if i will need a new Fan and/ or Heat sink if these do not come in the box with the processor (Note according to DELL website this processor is compatible with the E520) Also before this i am upgrading the power supply from 305w to 500w

Currently With the Pentium D installed the Temperature reading From SpeedFan show 70-71 Centigrade if this helps.
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  1. If it's the same socket, you can use the same cooler (with new thermal paste).
  2. Usually CPUs come with their own stock heatsink and fan, since what you have right now doesn't seem especially good (70 C), I'd use the one that will be provided with the new CPU, as long as you don't intend to overclock it should do just fine. If overclocking consider getting a good aftermarket cooler.
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