My computer feels incomplete?

Well here is the specs of my machine

Intel i7 2600k 3.4GHZ
Corsair h70
Corsair 550D case
Antec High current Gamer 620w semi modular power supply
OCZ Vertex 4 128GB
Samsung 1TB 7200rpm sata 3gbps
Crucial m4 64GB
16GB ram 4x4GB(2 kingston hyperX genesis ram and 2 crucial ballistix sports ram)
MSI h67a-g43(b3) Motherboard
Msi GTX 560ti 1GB Twin Frozr 2
LG DVD/CD Combo Drive
Logitech h800 wireless headset
Logitech z313 speaker system
Blue Snowball mic
Samsung S23A550H 23" 1080p monitor
Razer Blackwidow Ultimate
Razer Deathadder

its not the highest end, but it is a pretty high end machine. but it feels incomplete for some reason. what am i missing? i do have 1200 dollars saved up so i can upgrade more.. but i was considering buying a samsung series 7 laptop(quad core ivy bridge i7 with gtx 640m graphics) for 1100 dollars.
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  1. Did you install the Flux capacotor?
  2. sound card?
  3. install a new motherboard so you can OC!
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