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Basicly i am looking to build a gaming rig and need CPU help

My choices at the moment are:

Intel i5 2500 at 3.3GHz

Intel i5 2500k at 3.3GHz

Intel i5 2550k at 3.4GHz

Intel i5 3570 at 3.4GHz

Intel i5 3570k at 3.4GHz

The rest of my build is:

8GB of ddr3 ram

MSI H61M P25 motherboard

Nvidia gtx 550ti

So if anyone could reccomend which cpu is the best one of my choices that would be great, i dont have any plans at the moment for overclocking but i do want to still be able to use it in the future without having to upgrade it often.

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  1. they would all be great for a gaming rig, but your best bet is a 25x0K or 3570K and decent overclock!
  2. Hi there, the best CPU would depend on your usage style. Are you going to overclock? Then you will need a K series CPU like the 2500k or 3570k. Also your motherboard is not the overclocking type you would want to go for at least a Z77 chipset. Anyways if going stock is your choice then I would choose the 3570 (non-K) out of that list.

    However there is a tossup between the 2500 and 3570.
    The 2500 is a sandy bridge which is slower than an Ivy bridge like the 3570 at the same clock speeds. However the sandy bridge is a better overclocker compared to the ivy bridge which heats up real quick without adequate cooling. One of the reasons the ivy bridge heats up quick is it's small die size and inefficient way of drawing heat away. So if you are overclocking then I would go with the 2500k and get a killer overclock with it with a real good cooler, if you are going stock then get the normal 3570.
  3. Well the 2500K and the 3570K are the ones to concentrate on if you plan to over clock at a later time as the others are locked and wont over clock.
    The 3570K is the newest and I would use that one over the 2500K unless you can get a worthwhile reduction on the 2500K. There is not a lot performance wise between the two and besides that your Graphics card wont get near to using the full potential of either even before you over clock them.

    Mactronix :)
  4. Right so it looks like 3570k is the way to go and would an MSI Z77A G41 be a good motherboard for it.

    Out of interest what sort of PSU and i going to need for it?
  5. I would recommend a 450-500 watt power supply would be more than enough for your computer. Generally you want extra wattage when it comes to a build for future upgrades.

    Here are some power supplies:

    You do yourself a favour if you don't buy any cheap power supplies, try Antec, XFX, Seasonic, Corsair etc. Just stay away from cooler master( Silent Pro is an exception), thermaltake and other chinese power supplies :lol:
  6. I love my Intel® Core™ i5-3570K and I would match it up with the ASRock Z77 Extreme4 and for a PSU I love SeaSonic. The SeaSonic M12II 620w is a very nice unit that would give you a lot of value with the 5 year warranty.
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