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I am stuck between getting the gtx460 which is up for 80$ or spend more for the 6850,6870,or gtx560 or possibly wait for the 600gtx which will be released who knows when? I dont overclock and i game at 1680x1050 i am just looking for the best buy for the buck with the best life. upgrading from 9500gt. I do game and am looking at 150$ that range. The 460gtx is 80$ is that the best for the money or is it worth it to jump to 140-150 for the 6870 or 560?

Phenom 2 x6 3Ghz
8GB 1600
550W PSU
BIOSTAR A770E3 AM3 AMD 770 ATX AMD Motherboard
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    Here is a hierachy chart to help you see where cards fall in order of best to worse and the 6870 would be the top card for you to get. Unless you went for a 560Ti but I don't know your budget limitations.
  2. 6870 is a GooD GPU in that range , but if u do not game then an on-board GPU will suffice , so why upgrade !
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