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I am trying to decide on a cheap case for my budget build and am stuck on these three. I can't spend much on the case so I can afford a nicer gpu/ cpu. I will be using a micro mobo with xfx 7870

I first started looking at the fractal design 1000 which will cost me around 47 with shipping. It's nothing fancy but I don't need fancy or 3.0 usb

I'm also checking out the cooler master elite 430 and the rosewill redbone
The redbone has a promo code offering atm and will only cost me 32 dollars, so I'm leaning towards the redbone. Any thoughts on these or other options at a similar price? Thanks
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  1. Hi there, the Rosewill Redbone sure looks nice, but if fancy colours is not what you want consider this case:

    Or if you are willing to up your budget a bit and get exceptional cooling performance then get the Haf 912, 49.99 after rebate w/free shipping.
  2. Nice I like that cougar solution case. Now I got four cases to decide on haaha
  3. Take your time, if you need any clarifications or want any personal opinions just let me know.
  4. $8 over your budget for superior build quality than any of the options above.

    Antec Three Hundred - http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16811129042
  5. I'm not trying to resurrect this thread, but I am working on a build with that cougar case. It has USB 3.0 and more fans than the other two right? I'm just wondering what the other two cases have going for them. I got the cougar for cooling, cable management, and expanding in the future.
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