Coolermaster 600W vs OCZ 700W PSU

the 700w is about $20 more expensive i heard coolermaster doesnt have that much of a good rep in power supplies
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  1. If you tell us what kind of budget you have and your system specs/upgrade plans, we can probably find you a good deal on a good PSU.

    Of the two, I would go with the OCZ.
  2. OCZ might have learned something when they picked up PC power which is what I would pick or Seasonic but I tend to look for a power supply I know will last and have a very clean power output and no current dips when power spikes hit. I don't care for budget power supplies because too much rides on their working good. Like the whole computer and it's stability. It has gotten even more important as voltage levels have dropped all over the system and noise becomes even a worse factor.
    Don't skimp on the power supply of all parts you buy.
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