Adding a card for crossfire vs bla bla

Hey guys, thanks for reading this post.

I have a 2gb ddr5 xfx 6950 dual fan card (can't be unlocked I don't think but is quite good for overclocking) and I have been offered a 2gb 6970 for mucho cheapness (under £200). My question is, if I buy the 6970 and crossfire it with my current card, would it be faster than just buying a single gforce 580 (there's a used one for sale locally at £150)?

I play mostly at 1680x1050 due to my current monitor but I may upgrade this to the 24" version in a few months (1920x1200)

What do you guys think would be the best route to go?
Other details if needed...

I only really play world of warcraft cata (mostly cpu based at this rez I believe)
I use cs5 a LOT for my work (photographer)
cpu i5 2500k (possibly upgraded in a week or so to the i7 ivybridge 3770k)
motherboard asus p8z68 deluxe
psu ocz zt 750
2x ocz vertex 3 60gb hdds raid 0 + 2tb drives for storage
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  1. Well, if you CF HD 6970 with HD 6950 you'll end up having 2 HD 6950s in CF, though it's faster than GTX 580 it's not even comparable because they will give you performance close to HD 6990.

    For 1680 x 1050 you don't need more than a single card, getting 2 won't benefit you unless you upgrade as you say.

    You're right, WOW is a CPU intensive games, if you OC your 2500k you'll see a good boost in FPS.
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