HELP is this a good gaming build

procceser:intel i5 2500 non k
motherboard: asrock z77 extreme 4
ram: g.skill ripjaws 8gb
graphics card:sapphire radeon 6850
hdd: western digital wd-re4 500gb
dd:light on disk drive
case haf 912
psu. antec bp 550 plus modular
os. windows 7 oem

could i run crysis 2 on max or high

more games i want to play
assassin creed 1,2,relavations,brotherhood
crysis 1,and warhead
and the list goes on could i run most games on max or high at 40 fps and up

i had a amd build on here but i could only run 1333mhz instead of 1600
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  1. Yes, its a pretty decent mid range build. With those parts you can run most games out now. It really also depends on resolution as well. 1080p resolution I would say would be playable.
  2. Not sure where your from but the 3570 non k edition would be better than the 2500. On newegg canada (I use that) they are both the same price. Ivy bridge is better than the sandy bridge at the same clock speeds due to a more efficient architecture. As for your games what resolution will you be playing at? I would just say for normal resolutions you will be able to play at high for those games. My recommendation is to reconsider the processor for a 3570 which is the same price as a 2500 and performs better.

    Here is a video with Crysis 2 with a HD 6850 and a phenom running it on max (your processor is much better):
  3. If you want to run BF3 on max settings you better upgrade your video card, also Crysis3 is coming out soon, you may want to check system requirements on that one. You should be safe with a HD7950! An HD7850 should be alright for BF3.
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