I really dont know whats wrong, bad vid card? Drivers? i dont know.

Ok, so i having a nice gaming laptop and its been working nicely until a few months ago. I first encountered this problem when i was using an HDMI cable for the first time and i had left it for a while to go eat or something. Well, when i came back the screen had gone black and i had to hard restart to get it to do anything. Since then my computer has been randomly freezing, and i mean it is totally random. Thats the first thing. The second was that about 3 weeks ago i was told that my graphics drivers might be out of date. So i went and reinstalled my drivers (ATI mobility radeon HD 5870) and got the latest drivers but then when i tried to start gaming again the screen will flicker and flicker for a while and then it will go to a screen that varies in color but always has these thick lines going down it and i have to hard restart. OR sometimes it will catch itself doing this if i just leave it for a couple seconds but then the desktop will be all pixel-y and if i try and do anything that runs graphics it will go to the screen with the lines again and i have to hard restart. Ive gone to a computer repair shop and they redid my drivers so i know i have the most recent ones, they also cleaned out my computer so i dont think its a heat problem. They said that they ran some disk checks so my hard drive is fine and they did a couple other running checks but everything turned out to be running fine. But this problem is also a bit selective as to when it happens. Thats why i can type this right now. Anyways, i have no idea what the problem is or could be. Im at the end of my ropes here guys. Here are some system specs in case that may help:

ASUS notebook G73Jh series
Intel core i7 CPU Q740 @ 1.73GHz
ATI mobility radeon HD 5870
64 bit OS
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  1. sounds more like light hardware damage than drivers
  2. There was a post here related to video corruption ( artifacts) while playing games. Had once faced similar issue. Only a Rma solved the problem (video ram). Certain problems show up under certain conditions.

    here is a link to that post

  3. Thats what i thought too, i just dont know how to check that kind of stuff.
  4. You said it started when you were using the HDMI cable, are you still using the HDMI cable?
  5. no, i havent used it since actually
  6. If possible post a screen-shot here.
  7. im kinda new here, how do i post images? i cant seem to find it
  8. am yet to used that feature. Most probably u will have to upload ur image to some image sharing site like imageshack etc. Copy regd link from there and paste it here.
  9. here is tropic for u related to ur laptop from asus site. U problem is some what similar. Hope this will help.
  10. thank you very much, ill read into that
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