Problems with MSI HD6950 Twin Frozr II

I have two of these in crossfire and I havent needed to overclock them until now, but Im having some trouble. I can overclock through Catalyst but when i go through Afterburner I get BSOD, its really strange. Ive overclocked many cards before even overvolting but it seems like these cards, which are supposed to be "great overclockers" have no overhead or at least problems with it.

I was using Kombustor and i progessively moved the clocks up on Afterburner without problems, but when I went to set those clocks without a load I got an instant BSOD. Im at a loss, People are getting 1ghz on these and I cant get 900 stable with overvolt

Im using the WHQL 12.4 Drivers, idk if the Beta 12.5 would help

Any help would be greatly appreciated
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  1. Also I have the fan setting tweaked, Idk if that would make the card unstable or not
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