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i am running 2 EVGA 580 GTX 3GB Hydro copper II FTW edition in SLI. i can play all my games except BF3 in full screen. when i play BF3 it has a pink screen flicker whenever the game is full screen. when i run furmark on it it does the same thing. but when i turn sli off everything runs fine. i have been having problems with BF3 causing my Nvidia driver kernel to crash before this so i assume that these to are related. i just played Sniper Elite for 2 hours and there was no artifacts or anyhting odd with the game play and i have those settings at max aswell.

My Rig
16 GB Corsair Vengeance
Asus SaberTooth P67
Samsung Blu Ray
Asus 3D monitor
Asus Xonar DG sound Card
1 TB WD Caviar Green
2 TB SG Barracuda
CM Silent Pro Gold 1200w
CM Extreme Power Pluss 500w
2xPMP 450
360 Rad
240 Rad
Win7 x64
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  1. Try some different drivers. I have heard of a pink screen of death with 301.24's. Or at least uninstall, then do a clean re-install of drivers.
  2. 17seconds said:
    Try some different drivers. I have heard of a pink screen of death with 301.24's. Or at least uninstall, then do a clean re-install of drivers.

    tried that and i still have the pink flashing. i can play the game in window mode with no errors at all.
  3. That is because in windowed mode, SLI does not function.

    Try each card separately to make sure both cards are properly functioning (if there is a problem, it should be the 2nd card that has the issue).
  4. ok so the second card is the one that i assume is the problem aswell because i can play other games off my main card no porblem. do you think its a faulty card? if so i guess ill have to get ahold of EVGA for an RMA. if the card is faulty would that be the reason that it causes the drivers to crash?
  5. Yes, and it could also be a matter of the 2nd card overheating. Have you checked their temperatures?
  6. yeah ive checked both cards the whole time. they are both water cooled the second card is the first one that gets water. the screen flickers even when the game/program load up. the temp usually runs 30-45c under load for both cards.
  7. Are the VRM's water cooled? Usually those are covered by heat sinks and thermal tape.
  8. its a full card waterblock with back plate aswell.
  9. What kind of overclocking are you doing? I've seen flickers on my 680 when I was pushing the limits of the card. Even if the temps are good, it can still cause this due to voltage or too high of memory clocking. Have you tried at stock clocks?
  10. no overclocking stock speeds. i dont have a need to O.C. yet. down the road i am looking to learn how to O.C. so i can extend the life but i can play all my games just fine graphicly before this started happening.
  11. You might be looking at an RMA.
  12. ya well i guess ill just have to run one 580 for now. ill start the RMA process tomorrow. i was even looking at changeing my sabertooth to something that has 3 PCIe so i could go trip sli just go crazy lol
  13. tried each card individually and they both work with no issue at all wtf mates
  14. Bump, I also have this issue as of yesterday

    I've had my 580s for a year now. I've also got a 430 for Physx and had that for at least 4 months.

    Things I've changed-

    From before to after the only things Ive changed was removing all cards to clean them. Using the 430 as main single card for S&G to see the FPS diff then back to my usual set up. I also put FPS on OSD in MSI AB for the first time to see what the 430 was doing, I usually use my keyboard LCD but didn't have it on.

    Now every game has pink flickering. I've changed drives from new back to old. Checked the DVI cable.

    I'll swap them around see if it makes a diff.

    And same as above in windowed mode for games it stops so I'm assuming SLI probs?
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