HD Radeon 5750 overclock (possibly) issues


I recently went into the catalyst control center and overclocked everything to the max. The settings take and shows its improved activity.

I try and launch skyrim and after the game loads, my screen goes black and then my computer restarts itself. Any Idea what this is? Because it hasn't happened before I messed with the overclock settings.
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  1. By "overclocking everything to the max" I really hope for your sake you didnt mean upping the voltage and increasing your clocks to the highest they can be
  2. Haha, no I just went into catalyst control center and upped the clocks to the highest.. I'm new at this, alright? lol
  3. fuller10e said:
    Haha, no I just went into catalyst control center and upped the clocks to the highest.. I'm new at this, alright? lol

    Try reading this guide on overclocking:

    To answer the original question, this happens because you made the GPU unstable by overclocking. In this case you went all out and maximized everything, therefore you caused very high instability. This can void your warranty.
    Next time research on the matter because if you had by chance highered the voltage to a maximum you could have fried your card, not to mention extra hardware damage.
    Good Luck
  4. Overclocking is something that reqiures patience and it has to be gradual, start by increasing the normal clock by about 5MHz and testing it by playing a game to see if its stable, if it is then increase it by another 5MHz and test again, repeat this until it is unstable and find the highest clock that is stable, write that down, then move on to memory clock, REVERT the standard clock to default, then find the highest stable clock for the memory through the same process as the standard clock, then write the highest stable memory clock down as well, Now, REVERT BOTH to default and increase BOTH by 5MHz increments and do the same process as the others until you find a stable overclock while playing a game and there you go, you can increase the voltage too to possibly get more overclocking out of it, but for you i dont recommend it until you learn more about overclocking, also MSI Afterburner is a better overclocking utility than Catalyst
  5. +1 above. return everything to default for now......
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