Using fax modem instead of adsl router

hello i am sorry if my quistion may look fool...
but i wanat to know ...if i can use my fax modem i mean the pci fax modem
to gel adsl connection..???
i asked that cause i want to under stand ((if my adsl router have a rj8 port and ethernet rj11 port..
so can i make a pc with fax modem and nic work as a dsl router or not...and ofcource y
and if my computer could witch fax modem or witch modem i should use...
plz sire i want u to calrify it to me.. and i am sorry for buthering u.....
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  1. No. Fax modems communicate with each other though audible sounds less than 4KHz, but DSL modems use frequencies above 4KHz. That is why a modem is limited to 56Kbps, and DLS can go up to 6Mbps.
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