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Hi All,

I am facing with a weird issue. I tried to do all that I can but I am still not able to figure out the problem my computer is facing.
My system is more than 7yrs old and i feel its time is almost up. I have the specs with me

Processor: Intel P4 2.66 Ghz
Motherboard: Intel D915GAV
Ram: 1GB Transcend (1.5yrs) and 512MB Transcend (7yrs) :)
Hard Disc: 2*500GB WD SATA
Graphics Card: 8800GT
SMPS: Corsair 750W


While copying a lot of files to my external Hard Drive, watching movie, surfing on net and downloading suddenly my system just turns off. On trying to start is again I hear a single never-ending beep. Turned off the computer again and turned it back on the beep was gone but on POST as I wasn't even able to see the Manufacturer Screen.

Steps taken to resolve the issue

Few days back I faced a similar issue and I just took out the CMOS and inserted it back again and my computer started running. I tried that step but no luck. Had also bought a new CMOS as i suspected that the present one was done for but still no luck
removed the RAM, re-inserted it back again and still no luck.
Added Thermal Paste as the system might had shut down due to excessive heat still no luck.

Finally I tried starting the system only with a single stick of RAM 1GB (without the Graphics Card) and viola, Finally I was able to see my desktop after few hours of labor.

I turned it off re-inserted the graphics card and turned it back on and there was that single never-ending beep. So presently my system is running properly but without the graphics card.

Possible Causes

As per what I came across the following below are my possible conclusions:
1. RAM has become weak
2. Graphics Card slot or the Graphics Card is not working
3. motherboard has become weak

Please share in your views. Though my system has taken a lot of pounding i still believe there some life still left in it. Its Not just me, my system too would appreciate your help. :)
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  1. It could be power supply related, if the PSU is as old as your computer it could be delivering enough power to the motherboard and SOME of the other components but not the others. Another issue it could be is the graphics card is going bad (I assume that you are working on integrated graphics when you managed to see your desktop)
  2. On Intels website you can find that one long beep means "Auxiliary power may not be connected to an external graphics card" (
    As scorpinock2 already put forward, this might have something to do with your graphics card or the power supply. How is your the 8800GT 6-pin connector connected with your PSU? Your PSU has probably two connectors for a PCIe graphics card and it's quite likely they're both on a different rail so try to connect your graphics card to the other rail (or even with a molex-PCIe connector) to the main rail.
  3. Sorry for the late Reply Scorpinoc, Elmer.

    I think its a motherboard issue. I recently tried using a GTX 210 but it failed to give me any sort of display. There might be a problem with the PCI-E slot or something else. I guess I can only figure it out if i take it to a technician.

    Would let you all know on the result.
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