Unable to detect CPU temp!!!

I had performed maintenance on my overheating desktop PC, had cleaned the heatsink and the processor and had removed residual thermo paste,. I'm running with Intel Pentium 4 (socket 478), The problem is that when I had finished assembling the whole thing together, CPU monitoring softwares cannot detect my cpu temp, only the motherboard (system temp) and the hard disk temp are being monitored. But when I entered into the BIOS and checked "PC Health" there shows both CPU and System Temp,. Meaning I can only view my CPU temp in the BIOS,..

I put DeepCool Z5 thermal grease, I think I had put more than enough???! Still undecided if I will re-apply the grease because the PC runs normally, the only problem is that CPU temp doesn't show on HWMonitor, CoreTemp, and any other CPU temp monitoring softwares..
Thanks in advance!!!
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