The sapphire 7850s are no more :( which brand should I get out of the four?
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  1. XFX good warranty and good customer service.
  2. and the quality? I was thinking asus or XFX!
  3. Are the performance all same?
  4. youngan1026 said:
    and the quality? I was thinking asus or XFX!

    The top brands I love for everything are EVGA, XFX, MSI. I won't buy any other. Just my opinion.
  5. youngan1026 said:
    Are the performance all same?

    I mean they are just for the GPU's. I like other brand for other hardwear. But for the GPUs they are the ones I always buy.
  6. If I am going to spend a lot of money I want to make sure they are covered under warranty and they can be returned without a hassel. All the chips come from AMD/ATI and nVidia.

    Those are all the same. It is when the manufacturers add there stuff to it that changes how they work so those 3 brands are pretty much the good ones for what I said. But all card are good.

    I just prefer those 3 to any others.
  7. Thanks your response made me feel comfortable in buying those, what would you suggest to use together with the i5?
  8. By personal experience I just recently purchased a Asus 7870 to replace a Asus 4870(4 years old) - since I didn't have any problems with the first Asus card I decided to get the 7870 from them this time around. Just remember mileage, experience & opinions vary from user to user on different brands.
  9. That is true it varys like I said in my opinion those cards and what a lot of other people on here have also rated thoes cards as the leading brands Asus is right at MSI in fact they trade places a lot.

    The warranty with EVGA is life and most of the XFX cards as well. MSI 3 years but they make up for it in coustomer service plus the EVGA XFX also have great customer service.

    The EVGA is the only one that has a step up program so if you don't like the card you got you have 90 days to bring it back or if you want to step up to another card you can do that as well. Here is a link to it.

    I also linked the EVGA warranty that they live by. Like said above all the cards are good because they all have the same chip. It is when the manufacturer gets hold of it and adds stuff is what changes.

    So all cards are good and you will have bad apples in every bunch reguardless of the brand. I hope this helps and good luck.
  10. Just another point. The Asus OC Edition of the 7850 has the same cooler as that ASUS uses for the higher end 7870 so that does make it a good proposition from the cooling pt of view.
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