Noob looking for a new build

I want to build my own pc or get a prebuilt with a good processor and case to work with for cheap and then add all necessary parts to make it worthy. Btw this is my first own-build. It would have to play SKYRIM and Battlefield 3 on high upwards.

I know what PSU, Case and GPU i want;

A 750W OCZ with 80Plus Bronze. £60 on offer

Thinking of this case

If there is anything left with budget i would get a nicer looking case. £40

A Nvidia GTX 560ti for £125 from local pc shop.

I have an old HDD from a previous PC and a CD Drive.

I would like 8GB RAM with the capability of upgrading.

Not sure what to look for in motherboard apart from connections. I heard apparently you could OC Motherboards and got completely lost there.
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  1. Also is buying Windows really worth it or should i use linux for free
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