Noctua Fans with Corsair H80

Hey guys, the stock fans for the h80 are pretty loud, anyways was looking into the Noctua fans,

Which Noctua fans do you guys suggest I buy?

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  1. If you are looking into getting the most efficient fans(noise and cooling performance wise), i suggest you read into the following guide:

    Cooling Fan Roundup 2012

    It might surprise you ;)
  2. Run it on the lowest setting. They shouldn't be that loud.

    I'd either suggest the:
    Noctua NF-F12
    Scythe Gentle Typhon AP-15.
  3. I have a push pull setup, any suggestions other suggestions other than the Noctua are very much appreciated, just looking for the most efficient/quietest fans for my h80.

    (I wish the Noctua's came in black :P)
  4. Have used the blademasters as both heatsink & case fans for a few years now, always kept components cool & quiet. however i've recently had concerns about thier longevity due to one developing a slight rattle. admittedly it's 2+ years old but mtbf is rated as 4 1/2 years. so i'm switching over to noctua fans as they're very quiet & come backed with a 150,000 hr mtbf & 6 year warranty :)
  5. If you are looking for a pair of really silent fans that will keep you H80 cool at the same time I have heard a lot of good talk about adding these onto H80's
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