CPU stuck at -52% overclock?

Hello my name is Tango,

I recently did a full computer benchmark test as I am experiencing low fps on game which I should not have with my new computer setup. During the benchmark I received poor marks on my CPU test. I ran a separate test with OCCT for CPU performance and it seems my CPU is set at -52% underclock at full CPU load. I am not sure what to do as I have not touched the CPU since installing it. How do I fix this so that my CPU runs at proper speeds.

Here is a SS of the CPU benchmark.
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  1. Boot into BIOS and reset it to the defaults...
  2. In the Bios the default is 1.6 MHz. I installed an aftermarket CPU fan and when I boot I get CPU fan error even though I can see the fan spinning in the case. Is there a possibility that the Bios is setting the CPU to a lower voltage due to the CPU error?
  3. After increasing the voltage a small amount and running the test again it seems my voltage is being limited to 1600MHz. I am not sure what settings to change.
  4. After alot of searching I found that the power settings in the control panel was not set to high performance, causing my cpu speed to be reduced by 50% Setting the power settings to high performance cleared the block.
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