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Sound card for windows 8

Let me say first it has to be 7.1 capable and pcie slot.

I am looking to get a top end sound card. I have looked at the asus xonar as well as the ht omega series. However from what ive read there are driver problems with both for windows 8. Can anyone recomend a 7.1 channel sound card that uses a pcie slot that delivers amazing headphone quality sound and is stable with windows 8? Help please!
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  1. Main question is if you need a headphone amp, are just the analog 7.1. If you need both, the ASUS Xonar Xense/Phoebus are the top two competitors, with the Auzentech Forte/Bravura as alternate options.
  2. Well to be honest not sure what a headphone amp is. Im new to high performance audio. However i can tell you im getting the astro a50s and i dont want the quality of the headphones to be held back by my soundcard
  3. ^^ The reverse will likely be true. The A50's (along with 95% of all headsets) are "meh" by audiophile standards.

    Anyway, based on the headset choice, the best option without going overboard is likely the ASUS Xonar DX.
  4. Thx for all te help! Do you have any advice on good speakers for a computer? I contemplated getting a full blown 7.1 system however my room is small so i also contemplated going with a sound bar to free up space however maybe that is a bad choice seeing as the bar will be 1-2 feet away from the user except when im doing something wirelessly which will only be 10 percent of the time. Any tips/help? My price range is anywhere between 700-1200 or less if the performance isnt hindered by price. Any headsets you reccomend. A50s were simply best i could find
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    My recommendation is a good headset paired with a clip-on mic, and a soundcard (like the DX) capable of dolby headphone.
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