Can't find a mouse I like.

Hey there Tom's!

So... my old Intellimouse Explorer 3.0 finally bit the dust. As far as I'm concerned, that was the best gaming mouse out there.

Microsoft, because they can't tell good from bad, discontinued it.

So I need a replacement. I tried the G9x, and hated it - not only did the mouse make my hands hurt, but the software was a PITA.

I'm currently using a Microsoft Comfort 6000, but it too is a little small for me, and was really made for business, not gaming.

So what's the closest replacement for an Intellimouse? I was looking at the Steelseries Xai, but I've heard it has sensor problems. I was also looking at the Deathadder, but was put off by it's slightly-off shape and rumors of bad build quality. I thought a Microsoft Habu was the upgrade to the IE 3.0, but apparently it was the reverse?

Any suggestions / personal experience with mice like these? Thanks!

[Sorry if this double-posted, my browser crashed, so I copy-pasted it again. I think into a different section, but oh well.]
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  1. Surely you can find an intellimouse second hand! I personally use a G5.
  2. either find a used Intellimouse , or try the deathadder. i dont have one, but i tried one out at a store and it was really comfy, i havent tried the mouse you had, but to me the deathadder looks like the same shape as it.
  3. I really like Gigybyte mice. You may read bad reviews on them but they are really comfortable and it feels like whenever i try any other mice they awful. You can pick up a good gigabyte ghost mouse for around about $50 and they work wonderfully
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    This video may help you figure out which mouse to get.
    Before you watch it however, note how you are holding your current mouse.

    I'm using the Razer Deathadder right now and think its amazing, best mouse I'v ever used. No issues with build quality from it. Things isn't even so much as scratched or scuffed after ~6 months of usage.
  5. Cyborg R.A.T. 5
  6. prodigydoo said:
    Cyborg R.A.T. 5

    I got one of them after my Intellimouse finally bit the dust (after 8 years). I liked it straight away due to the fact it allowed me to extend its length to accomodate my big bear paw of a hand (I find most current mice to short and skinny).
  7. Hmm...I definitely have large hands, which isn't helped by the fact that I use a claw grip.

    I'm glad to hear that the deathadder works for those of you who have it - is it close to what an Intellimouse feels like? In pictures, it seems to have significantly more curve to it.

    I'd rather not buy a secondhand mouse, but I'll look to see if anyone has a new one still.
  8. I have the CM Storm Inferno and my GF has the Corsair Vengeance M90. Also have a Razer Orochi for the notebook.

    From all of these, I like the CM Inferno the best. It has the right size, firm grip, good build quality and it's usually VERY cheap. Also, the software it has is very very good. Programmable keys and stuff.

  9. Good software is a plus.
    Bigcyco, of the mice you linked, hardly any of them are like the Intellimouse. I'm not just looking for a gaming mouse, I'm looking for a replacement to my favorite mouse of all time.

    Yuka, the thing with the Inferno is it's shape - I have big hands, and it looks to be a little small... can you comment?
  10. Awe my bad i am not into those sorts of mouses so i wouldn't know.I use CM Storm Inferno and Razer Deathadder i also have Logitech MX 518 i like them all but i guess everybody has their own personal preference when it comes to things such as this anyway good luck!
  11. Thanks! Yeah, my hands are bitchy when it comes to mice due to a run in with carpal tunnel in the past.

    I've tried several Logitech mice, but don't like any of the favorites. I'm interested in the Storm Inferno - any chance you could roughly compare the size of that and the deathadder?
  12. Okay, so I've been looking at the Deathadder Black edition.

    I have two questions about it:

    1) Does it have anything lacking that the non-black edition has?

    2) Does Razor's software automatically change profiles depending on active window? This is a game-breaker for me.
  13. Well, the Inferno is kind of mid sized, just like the M90; the Orochi is small. The RAT Cyborg 7 can change its size, so it could be a good alternative if you're picky regarding sizes, but it's kind of expensive IMO.

    The Deathadder is not much bigger than the Inferno or M90, since it only increases the size towards the pointy ends. A friend has it and doesn't feel "bigger" at the palm. It's cheap, but I don't like it to be honest; too many horror stories of short lived mouses. A better buy would be in the range of the Naga or the more expensive Mamba IMO.

    There is another thing. If you are like the folks that move the whole arm, you need a big mouse so you can rest your hand, but if you have fast movement and/or use mouse accel (plus a wrist stand or mouse pad with wrist cushion), you can just move the hand from the wrist and can live with a small mouse (I used the Orochi to game before using the Inferno).

  14. See, I've got an G9x, which is a similar shape to the Orochi, and it makes my hands scream in pain. I need a big mouse, even though I move my hands quickly with them and move from the wrist.

    I've tried a RAT 7, and wasn't enamored with it, but I might try it again. I don't need a Naga - the only reason I'm even considering Razor despite the horror stories are because it seems to be the closest to the I.E. 3.0
  15. DarkSable said:
    Thanks! Yeah, my hands are bitchy when it comes to mice due to a run in with carpal tunnel in the past.

    I've tried several Logitech mice, but don't like any of the favorites. I'm interested in the Storm Inferno - any chance you could roughly compare the size of that and the deathadder?
    deathadder is bigger not by a lot though ;)
  16. Hmm, okay. Thanks for the reply, guys - I'm going to try the deathadder, I think, because it's a closer shape to what I'm looking for. If I don't like it, I'll return it and try out the Inferno.
  17. Sounds like a plan good luck!
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