Im looking for Asus 7600gt

Im using SLI and one of then has retired.. SO im looking to buy another one in working condition. Does anyone know where i can find this antique?

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    I found 2 on amazon, it doesnt matter that they arent from asus, they can be different brands, one has very bad reviews and is from a company i have not heard of, so go with the evga if you want:

    BUT, i say this: Would it not just be easier and smarter to upgrade instead of getting another to keep SLI?, like get something like a 6770, 6750, 6670, or 6650. Especially since getting that would cost $85, a 6650 would probably be EQUAL to 2 7600 GT's in SLI, AND it would be cheaper
  2. Not to mention, you would have to get one used but i doubt that would be a problem but definitely dont go with that Axel company
  3. Yeah.. I will definitely will look into a new card since people are nuts for putting such prices..
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