5750 crossfire with 6770 vs 7770

My dilemma is that I have a 5750 and I dont know whether to buy a 6770 and crossfire it with my 5750 or buy a 7770 and use it as a single card. Moneys tight so Im really not looking for anything over the x7xx series. If I would be able to crossfire a 7770 with a 5750, that would also be an option.
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  1. Depends on your motherboard and your power supply. Pretty sure you can't combine 7770 with 5750. I would go with a 7770, consumes less power than two cards and less noisy, less heat, more space left in case etc.
  2. since the 6770 is a rebranded 5770, it can be CF with a 5750. the 7770 is a 28nm process as opposed to the 6770/5770 40nm. so cf a 7770 with the 5750 is out of the question
    the 7770 is $130-140, while the cheapest 6770 is $110. CF 6770 would have similar performance to a 6950, so a cf 6770/5750 would have performance similar to (please correct me if I'm wrong) a 6850/6870 (?). a 7770 performance is pretty close to a 6850. In that sense, I would get the 7770.
  3. just buy the 6770 and crossfire it, if it doesn't work by who knows why, you can always find a random person and blame him ^__^.

    but yeah what au_ said. but I think if you can sell your card and got 150 bucks to burn, just go for a better single gpu gives you less problem and hassle
  4. dont really see the point in making the crossfire for those two cards, given that you will end up spending atleast 100-120$ on the 6670.

    150-200$ opens up a lot of the new cards the old standard 6850, the 6870, the Gtx 550 ti and 560 ti.

    do note that the GTX 560 and GTX 560 ti from nvidia both significantly outperform the 7770 even if the 7770 is a bit cheaper than the gtx 560.

    Also word to the wise, crossfire dont mean you double your performance. if you lucky you will hit 90% gain even with the 7770
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