well i have problem
i have
ASUS P8B75-M LX mobo
212 evo cpu cooler

is my cooler gonna fit in that case and on this mobo?
is there any tricks how to do it?

or maybe i should go for hyper tx3? and just sell 212 evo!?

if i would know that its fits in case i would be more calm. i could try to take of side fans are they actually do anything or it just for look?
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  1. The hyper 212 evo should fit, it needs at least 159mm for the width of the case and online it says 185mm. Confirm if this is your computer case:

    Should be able to fit it if you give 10mm for standoffs, might want to take off the side panel fan if it does not fit.
  2. That the one ;) well hopefully and I would like to keep side fans. Are they much of the use?
    And can I put ram without cover I mean without those wings. Just plain microsheme.
  3. How cooler gonna suite with mobo?
  4. The hyper 212 is a universal cooler, its mountable on all modern motherboard platforms (am3, am2,lga 775, lga 1155 etc.). Anyways you can use your ram without the heatsink, usually the heatsink is put on for aesthetics but it does become helpful if you are overclocking. I myself have crucial ballistix sport series which do have heatsinks but not the long ones that extend upwards. In addition, you should only need to take one side panel fan off rather than both, they do make a difference but not by too much since you do have good airflow in your case already.
  5. well i can install that side fan as intake fan in front of case?
  6. Given there is room to install the fan as an intake in the front of the case, yes you can do that. However from the looks of it looks like the front of the case only has room for 1 intake fan, if you have the case verify that. Either way with 2 intake fans (one front, one side) and 1 exhaust (rear fan) you still have good cooling.
  7. well i will install as well Evercool SB-F1 FOX-1 PCI slot system exhaust fan
    and if i understood than 212 evo have 2 fans from both side as well?
    so what could i do with that side fan?
  8. Well you could put the second 120mm fan on the hyper 212 if you wanted, make sure its in push pull position, so one fan is pushing air through the heatsink and the other is pulling it away from the heatsink on the other side.
  9. Is that side fan could fit on cooler?
    I'm just stressing about airflow because my pc are sort of in corner so there s no much of space around him.
  10. and what should i do to fit ram in that mobo with that cpu cooler?
    just take out from plastic cover?
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