Fx 6300 or phenom ii x4 965 for gaming

At stock speeds, which will perform better in games?
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  1. 965BE
  2. henydiah said:

    Thanks! Do you know why, though?
  3. I would say the phenom has real cores, the FX series are a bit different. Take for example the FX-6100, it has 3 execution cores and 6 threads.
  4. umm actually I think the 6300 might just be the better choice.
    Piledriver is about 15% faster than bulldozer and so the 6300 might be equal or better than the 965BE.

    I would say go for the newer chip. i.e the FX6300

    Also the 6300 can be OC'ed to about 4.5-4.6GHZ on air while the phenom starts to top out at 4.1GHZ
  5. FX 6300 it is an improvement on the Phenom however most games are GPU bound so get whichever lets you get the best Graphics card.
  6. CrypticBox said:
    Thanks! Do you know why, though?

    price :)
  7. CrypticBox said:
    At stock speeds, which will perform better in games?

    I would say the 6 core 6300 would out perform the 4 core 965. And you guys are gonna say well games don't use more than 4 cores. Then I am going to show you this. http://www.pcgameshardware.com/aid,794274/From-Medal-of-Honor-to-Civ-5-17-Games-that-already-benefit-from-six-cores-CPUs/Reviews/

    You can always use good old anandtech to http://www.anandtech.com/bench/Product/699?vs=102
  8. Does the 8 corefx really not have 8 acytual cores? Does it have 4 cores and 8 threads? I'm in the same situation, except I do a bit more video editing and multithreaded/core tasks. Would the 8 core 8120 or 8320 or 8350 or whatever be better than a cheaper 955/965? Or would a 6 core or 4 core piledriver be better? sry if this is threadjacking
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