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Hi Guys,

i got a new cooler master 431 Plus cabinet, it was top two 120 mm fan support.. so i though to install an add on case fan.... so opened up the old laptop cool pad (Cooler Master) and took the 120 mm fan which fits properly..

my query is about the connection as it (case fan) has two black wire and two red one...
also i want the creep the PSU power cable and the trick is easy just red to red and black to black ..
would i be needing any resistors or modulator so that i can install on mobo..

sorry for my language i am pretty much confused how to describe this.. i hope i question serves your need.

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  1. ahh cumon guy just needed some help... shall i directly connect that 120 mm fan to the psu cable or do i have to attach any thing else during it connections
  2. You can connect directly if you have a cable available(you have 2).
    I didnt undestand the second part of the "creep the psu power cable". :)
  3. If the laptop cooler was a USB powered one, then the fans are most likely looking for 5 volts. So yes. Black to black and red to red.

    If the fans are 12 volts. it would be black to black and red to yellow.

    Each fan should have a sticker with its power requirements(and the voltage the fans run on).
  4. yes it was laptop fan nuke.. as it was old and been tempered earlier the sticker is not there.. but if i directly connect to PSU or buy a power supply plug (four pointer) would that do.. also instead or connecting to psu my mobo also have an extra fan point (3 pin) can i get this sort of pin in market??
  5. blacknemesist said:
    You can connect directly if you have a cable available(you have 2).
    I didnt undestand the second part of the "creep the psu power cable". :)

    if the fan supports 5v and would psu only through 5v to fan or do i have to connect a resistor like 300 ohm...
    the 2nd part was the psu has power supply for sata and a series connetor or clasic pin.. can i just cut the red and black wire and solder the point to fan would that work?
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    Use the old style 4 pin connectors. If you need 5 volts. Just get it from the RED(5V)|BLACK|BLACK|YELLOW(12V)'s
    black and red

    You can get a cheap extension cable for the 4 pin and cut and solder so you are not messing with the power supply.

    Resistors do not work the same on all fans. So sometimes it will give 7 yet on another fan it may be 4-5. You have to tweak the resistor for each fan. Your power supply already has 5 volts so no need.

    This is the fan,

    shall i stick both the black and both the red together or shall i cut each one of them
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  9. Did the fan have LED's chances are those extras are for the LED's
  10. yes fan has two blue flat head leds so shall i conect that aswell and do i have to keep the air blowing inside or outside
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