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Can I Downgrade my PSU to save power?

Present Configuration

Core i5-3570K
Gigabyte GA-B75M-D3H (B75 Micro ATX)
On board graphic (HD4000)
2x 4GB Kingston Hyper X
Wester Digital 2.5in Black 320GB (WD3200BEKT)
Liteon DVDRW
RL01 Casing with one 120mm LED fan
Silver stone Strider essential 600W

Future I will get these 5 upgrade in order

1) Replace 320GB Scorpio Black with 1tb caviar Blue HD
2) GTX 660Ti (One of the populer brand)
3) Flash based SSD for boot drive
4) Sell 2x 4b and buy 2x 8gb
5) May be Another 120mm Non LED Case Fan

Usage According to Privilege:
1) Google Chrome
2) CS6 (in order Camera Raw / Photoshop / illustrator / Premier pro / After Effect)
3) HAWX 2
4) In future may be some other games if i upgrade to 660Ti and get time to play

Average Usage
7hrs on weekend 2 hrs on weekdays.

I know 600W is the maximum amount it can supply :D. Keep future in mind i bought this PSU. At that time GTX660 is not there so i bought 600W for room Now i found 600W is over kill even with all the future upgrade. So I thought to to change my PSU to 450W. Because Power supply will work efficient when it work on half load (20%-80%) And i'm not going to do the Graphic update soon may be after a year. So until that i feel like wasting power. So what you think? Is there any reason 450W will become not enough in future? I don't think so. Those are the only upgrade i will go for. Some time i may change to Haswell But that will be energy efficient than ivy i think.

I don't have plans to Overclock any thing But i need Stability and power efficient

So please tell me your idea?
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  1. 600watts is good. you have an unlocked processor that you might oc in the future so its good to have some overhead
    if you want to save some money on electricity bill get one of the gold rated power supplies as they have the highest power efficiency rating (how much power you loose)
  2. I don't have plan to overclock.. I am considering FSP Raider 450W but no one having it here.
  3. if you dont plan to overclock then why did you buy an unlocked processor for more lol
  4. Because It had HD4000 Graphic. it is power efficient and good until i get dedicated one. I don't like to OC. And you must know my chipset is B75 any way
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    Power supplies only draw what the need. Based on your current specs I would estimate the PSU supplies 100-175w under full load because you don't have a GPU yet. Since it only needs 100-175w to run your system that is all the power supply will draw. So based on 80% efficiency and 175w max load your PSU would draw approximately 215w from the wall. The only way to reduce that number is get a more efficient PSU, like a silver, gold, or platinum rating. There is no point to doing this as you have a decent PSU already. Just keep all your CPU power saving features on and while idle your PC will likely use less than 40w from the wall when you aren't using it.
  6. Buying a new PSU would be "penny wise and pound foolish." You'd spend more on the new PSU than you'd ever save in YEARS of use.
  7. I'd thumbs up these last three if I could... anyone know why some threads have thumbs and others don't? Those upgrades sound good by the way, genuinely appreciable gains.
  8. Sorry, I mean except the RAM. Only CS6 could potentially benefit from that (though maybe not even that).
  9. You'd actually could spend MORE money with a smaller power supply. Your actual power consumption with what you have described and a 660 Ti will be just under 300 watts

    This shows that at a 300 Watt load, your efficiency is at 86%

    Dropping to a 450 watter, your efficiency drops to 84%

    The 450 watter will provide the same 300 watts but will do it with a 2% efficiency penalty and therefore consume more electricity.

    At idle, that box should draw about 120 watts which gives an efficiency of about 83% for the 600 watter and 83% for the 450 watter.
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  12. I measured my Power Usage i can't believe my self how low it is

    CPU Only
    Idle - 35W
    My Maximum Workload: 65-75W

    I haven't change any specification mention above

    Wattage meter working correctly it measured my LED perfectly 23W which mention it max power as 25W (My brightness is now at 15%)

    I know i will be good with a 200W PSU. But i can't find one. I also interest in modular. So the lowest Wattage PSU i could buy with modular is Silencer MKII 400W it is on the way I may save 1-3W :P Actually i won that in ebay. Not changing it for mentioned reasons. I will sell my 600W.
  13. Onus said:
    Buying a new PSU would be "penny wise and pound foolish." You'd spend more on the new PSU than you'd ever save in YEARS of use.

    ^ +1
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