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I am currently running an e6600 core 2 2.4 (intel mb - no OC) with a 4850.

I have an 870 AM3+ build with 8 gb DDR3 1600 supports unlocking and OC and Xfire or SLI. But this has no CPU or GPU.

I have around $200 - $220 to spend. My first thoughts were a cheap 955 and then OC and put the rest towards a 6870. But I haven't kept up with CPU performance. I mainly want to pay Dragon Age and Skyrim and I've heard both of these are CPU intensive. Should I wait and put more towards a better CPU? Should I ditch AMD entirely and put the money towards Intel board and CPU and sit on my 4850 for now?

Thoughts/help appreciated.
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  1. In your shoes I would soldier on with the Core 2, sell the AMD parts (keep the RAM) put what they get in along wth the $220 then figure out what more needs to be saved up to build from new (either intel i5 or AMD FX 8320)
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