New Computer, No video through HDMI or RGB

I recently bought a pre-built rig which just lacked an OS. I've installed the OS and have been using the DVI connector to get video out. Now I have the computer running and everything seems fine, all the drivers for the GPU (GTX 560 Ti) and mobo seem to be up to date but I don't get any video out through the HDMI or the RGB port on the back, only through the DVI port. Anybody have any ideas how to get the HDMI/RGB port working?
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  1. You can have EITHER the integrated graphics on your MB or an add in card like the GTX 560 Ti (nice card). If the HDMI or the RGB port are off the MB you can't use them. However the GTX 560 Ti will let you have multiple monitors.

    If the HDMI or the RGB ports are on your GTX 560 Ti card then go into the nVidia driver are see if you can set up multiple monitors.
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