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Hello TomsHardware Community,

I want to know what is the best graphics card to play battlefield 3, crysis 2 and guild wars 2 at 1920x1080 resolution. I am also not sure whether to get the AMD FX-8120 8-Core Black Edition CPU or Intel Core i7 2700K Quad Core CPU. I want to play on max settings and a good fps 50+ prefferably more =D.

Thank You Tom Community and Sorry for the many questions and posts.
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  1. gtx 680/HD 7970. Get the Intel i5 3570k Ivy bridge
  2. I would opt for a i7 3820/3930k with a gtx680/7970
  3. Any of the i5's (Sandy or Ivy) and Radeon 7970 or GTX 680. You won't need a i7 unless you're rendering movies for Pixar.
  4. Go For i5-Ivy-intel + 680GTX
  5. well computer is not really a need it's more of a want and gaming on the best resolution and best system is also a want.

    I say i7 still whether gaming or not, just for the epeen. although i5 2500k or phenom ii x4/x6 fx-4100-6100 would suffice as it's not like your system would explode if you use amd.
  6. no actually the feeling of having an i7 is what you get + other stuff that falls in the category of wants.

    example of big wants on the gaming system I use on my rig, it's only purely gaming but uses 3960x with 32gb ram, just bought them because of wants but not needs, but imo the fx series isn't as bad as what other people make it out to be, well at least whatever I do I can't make a processor on the same level as amd nor intel, lol I can't even make a processor at all ^_^.

    most of the time I host lan party at my place so my other system will get used and not just grow mushrooms on my work room, so far those people I invite are normally happy with low settings on 720p or lower, and for those guys not knowing much about pc besides gaming online using warcraft3 and cabal, and some counter strike, so far whether it was my i3 2100, phenom x2 960t 965be 1090t, fx 4100, fx 6100, fx8120 fx 8150, e6600, i5 2400, i5 2500k, i7 2600k,

    so far all of them doesn't notice that much difference (besides the graphics details depending on the platform)

    benchmarking there are big number difference but for new peoples eyes besides the nice eye candy of higher end system, all looks the same,

    so OT
    if your on a budget the best bang for buck is i5 2500k or maybe it's counter part i5 ivy. (don't have any ivy yet)
    but if your really willing to pay premium for the extra ego and stuff you would hardly even use or even know they have that feature, then go with i7 2600k or higher, can even go fx-8150 so long as you pair it with a sexy gpu there would be minimal difference that people would notice.
  7. I had the choice of 3570k or 2500k, and I chose 2500k. Price was almost the same, but I'd rather clock high without heat issues, so 2500k was better for me.

    Also, tom's hardware always tells people, for gaming, you don't need more than a 2500k. Look at their reviews.,3106-4.html
  8. Do you guys any prebuilt cheap computer for that price that i could get in Australia QLD ? because i do not know how to build one and there is computers on ebay with a 7950 but the cpu is i7.
  9. Thanks for your suggestion, but i tried to build one with my friends equipment but i didnt know how to do it, i even watched youtube videos. That is why im asking for a pre built one
  10. atos28, if you're already decided on buying a pre-built then probably the best option is to go to a gaming computer company in your country and either buy a pre-built from them or better yet customize it the way you want it. You will pay more than you would by building it yourself though. Here in the US I have used a company in the past that provided a quality built computer with excellent customer service called Digital Storm. I don't know if they ship outside the US. I doubt that they do but I will put the link below. If nothing else you can browse their store and get an idea about what it's going to cost. Good luck and get over that fear of trying to build your own. If worst comes to worst you can always take the computer you tried to build to a repair shop and let them sort it out.

    Edit: Post back here with the parts you pick out or pre-built computer before you buy. There's a lot of experience on this forum and people that will offer you sound advice.
  11. Ok i found this pre built computer for $1,308

    These are the specs:
    AMD FX-8120 8-Core Black Edition
    AMD Original Cooling Fan With HeatSink
    AMD 870G/880G Chipset Motherboard
    8GB (2 x 4GB) Dual Channel
    Sapphire AMD HD7950 3GB
    3.5" 1TB / 1000GB SATA III 7200rpm HDD
    24x CD/DVD +RW /-RW drive
    Onboard 7.1 CH High Definition Audio
    Wireless Network
    850W Gaming PSU with 14cm Super-Silent Fan
    Bluetooth v2.0 Wireless Technology
    All MotherBoard drivers, disks and manuals are included
    2 Years (24 Months) Limited Return to Base Warranty
    + Lifetime Technical Support
    and 19 inch montor.

    With this setup can i play bf3, crysis 2 and guild wars 2 all on ultra at 1920x1080
  12. envy14tpe said:
    I had the choice of 3570k or 2500k, and I chose 2500k. Price was almost the same, but I'd rather clock high without heat issues, so 2500k was better for me.

    Also, tom's hardware always tells people, for gaming, you don't need more than a 2500k. Look at their reviews.,3106-4.html

    While it is true that most games won't ever need more than 4 cores, there are games that will. I was surprised to learn that Resident Evil 5 will gain 10-15% more performance with HT on, so will Metro 2033.

    If they were the same price, you'd be foolish not to get the i7 and if you later wanted less heat for OCing, you can turn off HT in the bios. Though it still remains that the i5 is the better value.
  13. Bump, can some one please answer my question
  14. It should be able to play on ultra, but you're wasting money if you buy it.
  15. 880 AMD chipset with a FX BD CPU? I though only the 990 chipset was for FX BD. Look like a good PC.

    On the Radeon 7950.,3123-6.html
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