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im going to use only i3 2100 + HD 6850 Sapphire Toxic and planning to OC til 850mhz. will this PSU can handle it?
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    It has the required connectors, on the AMD site it says a 500 watt or greater power supply is required so my guess is that it can handle, but if you can you should future proof your pc by getting a more powerful power supply.

    From what i saw this is not a good PSU brand, which means the PSU won't deliver the wattage said in the box, i would recommend going with a Corsair PSU as i know they are a good brand.
  2. Any good quality 450W+ PSU will do just fine. Emphasis on the good quality though.
  3. Raidmax is not known for their quality PSUs. I would recommend tha you get something from Corsair, Seasonic, Antec, PCP&C, XFX, or Enermax.
  4. First off, Raidmax = no. Doesn't matter if it's 1000W, no. Read my sig. I'm running the exact same setup on a quality 450W PSU. I haven't had any issues.

    Unfortunately this PSU only has one 6-pin connector. You want to find one with at least two. That way you can upgrade your Video Card to a higher end model and not have to swap PSU's.

    Edit: The Corsair CX600 V2 is a solid PSU, has two 6+2-pin connectors and has enough headroom for future upgrades. But a quality 430W or 450W will suffice.
  5. From a specs point of view, the raidmax will do the job.
    But, raidmax is a tier 5(not recommended, replace ASAP) unit on this list:

    For the same price after rebate for a budget psu, look at the Corsair CX500:
  6. Antec Neo Eco 520C
    Seasonic made. 40 amps 12V power. $55 and 3 yr warranty
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