Longevity of 7950 over 7850?

I am building a new comp that will be MOSTLY for D3, some NBA2k and possibly an FPS or two.

I recently made a thread mostly debating between 7870 and 7950. In that thread I learned about the stock core speeds and the overclocking capabilities of the 7850 and 7950.

Now I am contemplating 7850 vs 7950. The price difference is what really gets me. $250- 7850 vs $400- 7950.

Is the 7950 REALLY worth an extra $150? Or should I just spend $250 now and buy a new card in 2-3 years (or whenever need be)?
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  1. Honestly there both good cards.The 7950 is the superior card but is it worth the extra money?Im not sure about that maybe you could just get a 7850 then a 2nd one when you need it if your rig supports xfire.
  2. i go with the cheaper card and save your money..by this time next year amd have there 8000 line of cards out.
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