My screen is blinking and shaking while playing dota

i don't know ow it was going well before.all other games ( Counter Strike , Need For Speed) is running well but when i start playing dota my ascreen start blinking and shaking......... need help
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  1. lol if your screen blinks like anti-mage then that's a wonder ^_^

    what's your system specs and your monitor resolution? need more info
  2. imo more like Sand kind :).
  3. when sand king blinks it's comes with kakashi's special one thousand years of pain from your behind and you float up.

    btw @TS
    we do really need your specs as me and a lot of people here can keep on guessing and helping you fix your problem would be there in the lower % of us helping at all.
  4. i have learnt that all u need is a brave enough stun... am is good for that too :). though blink wid a bkb is another matter... thats more like team death

    oh and i think we scared the op off
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