Will my CPU bottleneck this the GPU I want?

Hey guys, I had a few threads going recently, deciding on what to do, and I've come to the conclusion that I will get at the very least a GTX460 for my WoW gaming, as well as other games such as the Witcher 2, Diablo 3, etc. Assuming it will suffice for those games of course. So here is what I intend to buy:

GPU: http://www.tigerdirect.ca/applications/SearchTools/item-details.asp?EdpNo=1742920&sku=E145-1363
PSU: http://www.tigerdirect.ca/applications/SearchTools/item-details.asp?EdpNo=581015&sku=C13-2608

Now I'm already aware that this is more than enough power to run the GPU, as at load, it only requires 270-300w of power, and that PSU offers upwards of 400 on the 12v rail. My computer is currently running an old AMD Phenom x4 9500 quad core @ 2.22ghz, and someone mentioned in a previous post that I should not go higher than a GTX480 at risk of bottle necking, but that I could always Overclock my CPU to alleviate the chances of bottle necking.

My question to you is, Will my processor bottle neck that GTX 460? And if not, how much better of a card do you believe I could buy before I get bottle necking issues? Because I have to admit, I've had my eye set on that GTX 560 Ti 448core classified edition. I'll even take the regular GTX 560 Ti, seeing as even it has quite the performance boost over the GTX 460.

And lastly if I DO have to overclock (whether it is to meet the requirements of that GTX 460, or perhaps a better card such as the GTX 560 Ti regular OR 448 core version) should I get an even more powerful PSU? and if so how much more powerful?

I plan to order these parts by tomorrow evening, so any help you could offer would be most appreciated. Thank you.
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  1. it should not bottleneck any if you want to go with that, but there should be some people here who will be slashing you with the i3 2100/2120 or i5

    even if you get a 560ti /560ti 448 your cpu won't be a bottleneck it should perform great

    here if your looking at 460 performance on bf3
  2. Really? Did you read my post correctly? Its not an AMD phenom 2 or whatever, its one of AMDs first line ups of Quad cores, back from 2007. A few people have told me if wont perform well, but then again I've seen some benchs that show its still quite powerful so really I dont know what to believe. but yeah the 560 Ti alone has a 30-40% performance boost over the 460, so if it wont bottleneck I'll for sure get a better card. And the 560 Ti 448 core has another 10-20% on the 560 Ti, so I mean seems like a safe bet to get the better cards.

    Keep in mind that I'm running a PCI-e slot, not 2.0 or 3.0, just the original. Also ive got 3gigs of DDr2 ram at 400hz a card I believe.
    All my comps specs are here : http://h10010.www1.hp.com/wwpc/ca/en/ho/WF06b/12132708-12133156-12133158-12133158-12133158-81959348-81979614.html?dnr=1
  3. ok, so Im new to this whole Overclocking concept. If i want to throw a 560 Ti 448 core in there, how far will I have to OC it, and what kinda PSU am i going to need?
  4. OC to 3ghz if you can should be possible or 2.8ghz stable or any of those
  5. Ok so how about this? http://www.newegg.ca/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16817139024&Tpk=gs700

    It's 50w more powerful than the TX650, but its the same price. I can't tell what advantage the TX650 has over this, for it to be the same price at 650. But more power = stable OC right? (once again im new to overclocking, never done it)

    Also I assume that PSU would work (either the 650Tc or the 700GS) because this badboy: http://www.newegg.ca/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814130758

    Only sucks about 100 more Watts on full load than a 460 does.

    Input please?
  6. the gs version are not that good the tx series psus are better watts doesnt matter what matters is how many amps on 12v rail btw gs 700w will be good and will clear up your needs.:)
  7. Quote:
    Yeah that GS700 psu will work fine ;)
    For the price, a 480 would be in my basket... $250 and faster than the 448.

    yeah but im running an old case with 1 stock fan in it, and I hear the 480 overheats like a madman, + its power hungry. Trust me I want the 480 too, I know it competes uo there with the best, Its just, How can I handle the heat situation?
  8. also make sure you got nice room temp (if your like mine today which is at 30c room temp then forget the 480,

    I remember the days when i got them my room temp was at 31-32c it's like hell I say (no oc)
  9. Quote:
    85c is all you will see in a normal gaming situation (BF3).

    Can you link me a picture of inside your case please?

    ok sorry dude, ive never uploaded files before so i had to make a quick flickr Lol.


    If you cant see that pic, let me know. Maybe i can Email it to you, or you can tell me how I can upload it here =.=
  10. Quote:
    Also forget overclocking.

    You will need a new motherboard and cpu, so here goes:

    ASRock 970DE3/U3S3 AM3+

    AMD Phenom II X4 965 Black Edition

    Mushkin Enhanced Silverline 4GB

    But see, now your getting a little out of my price range... Whats wrong with me just grabbing a new case with more fans or bigger fans (lol), and just OCing my current processor + utilizing the GTX480 and TX650/GS700? Cause all the stuff you mentioned + that case before, while be it very reasonably priced, adds up with the PSU + 480 to 600$ with tax and shipping. no to mention the prices you gave me are American, i'm in Canada, so just throw another $100 on top of the previous $600 for Canadian prices + tax.

    Also based on your profile pic, maybe I shouldnt be asking You this, but wouldn't it be better performance wise, for me to go Intel? that is if i had the cash to do so. Also your love of AMD is clear, so yeah.
  11. Quote:
    Yes, i actually like AMD better than intel, but their performance is not up to snuff for me and my needs.

    The suggestions i made are based on quality aswell as bang for buck.

    Is it that hard to not spend a little extra?
    You will be very happy if you do..

    I'm jobless and in College, so yes money is tight. I can always purchase that later if necessary. But it seems like a better option for the time being to spend 50-100 on a better case + better cooling solution, and to just OC what I have, and use the 480, no? I mean if it was a possibility before, what made you change you mind all of a sudden?
  12. Quote:
    Your motherboard cannot OC... that is why.

    Otherwise, yes get the rest later down the road, and pick up those parts you suggested above now.

    With that case, i would run games with the side panel off.

    Ok well meet me down the middle here, is that really all I can do for bang for my buck, or can i downgrade the CPU on that a little and get a cheaper one and OC it up to the same level as the one you mentioned?

    Or better yet, can you maybe give me a solution thats around the same price but better performance with an Intel CPU I can OC and an Asus board or something?
  13. Ok well the first AMD core you showed me, the 965 Black, seems to be great quality according to the 1241212551 reviews etc, id rather not take my chances with the cheaper one for only 20bucks cheaper. But what about a board, that board you showed didnt seem to be the greatest quality, and its by a manufacturer ive never heard anything about.

    any chance on getting a higher quality Board around the same price? maybe a couple bucks more?

    Also while were on the subject, what can that board/cpu do? what kinda RAM speeds and ammounts am i looking at? and will they run a GTX480 as well as an ATI card?
  14. No im saying the MOBO, it looks like its kinda crappy, and the 2 of the reviews confirm that. and like I said the manufacturer Ive never even heard of. Is there anything MOBO wise thats a bit better quality? or is that really the best bang for buck?
  15. Ok so what about Cooling? you saying that case + 1 fan will keep that 480 and that cpu cool?
  16. Quote:
    As i mentioned above, you will need to game with the side panel off.
    Seeing as though you will be adding a new case+ mobo and ram, it will be fine no?

    What i meant was with that new case, just a fan or two is gonna hold back all the heat? also what kinda noise levels will i be dealing with here?
  17. Quote:
    Yeah that GS700 psu will work fine ;)
    For the price, a 480 would be in my basket... $250 and faster than the 448.

    Back down to $209 now newegg cant decide what to price it at lol.Ive seen 4 price changes in the last 4 days lol.All i need is one more week and im snagging 2 more hopefully still at $209
  18. I have to be honest man i really felt like i didnt have to upgrade from a 965 be to an i5-2500k.Gaming wize i really didnt see any difference.I still think its the best bang for the buck cpu out today.I upgraded off benchmarks alone and that was a mistake.Dont get me wrong the i5 kicks major arse,but i would have been plenty good with my 965 be running at 4 ghz.The major difference though is the i5-2500k overclocks like a beast so in that sense im happy i did get it.
  19. Well I was swinging towards spending less money so I could have more to build anew later, but oh well, i'll price these up and see what it comes to. Are you sure that Antec case will be up to the challenge of the 480? is there anything better for the money that will run cooler?

    Also do you have some sort of instant messaging service in which I can contact you Recon? cause I best be getting to bed now, and would like to continue this discussion in 5-6 hours
  20. No i don't have steam, I just got back into PC gaming after 8 years away from it. I have all teh regulars though, MSN, Skype, Yahoo, Aim.
  21. If your looking for a full tower for cheap and a good quality build i reccomend this http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16811108190 Its the one i got and love this thing.Has a big 220 mm fan on the side and comes with a 120 mm fan in the back a 120 mm on top and 120 mm in the harddrive bay,although i pulled that one out and sruck it in the top.great case for cheap.
  22. Another Good case .Fairly quiet and deacent cable management and very good cooling for the price. It is also wide and can take any cooler.
    Good Budget motherboard. After burning up 2 new motherboards VRMs in 2 weeks I went with something with better cooling.
  23. You should see if you live near a microcenter. They have a pretty cool combo deal where you can get a 965BE with a mobo for pretty cheap. combo page
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