SB Live! with 3 CD Drives + LiveWare 3.0 Problem


I have 3 CD Drives in my PC. One Asus 50x, one DVD 1640x and one HP 8432 Burner. There are 3 connectors on mySB Live! 1024 card. I connect each of these CD Drives Audio outputs to one of the connectors. (one drive on one input channel).
So the DVD Drive Audio is at AUX, the CD Drive audio is at CD AUDIO and the Burner audio is at TAD-IN.
With the previous version of liveware i was able to enable all of these inputs at the same time. So i could play 3 cd's simultaneously. Or start playing a cd in any of the drives and hear sound immediately.

Now, with Liveware 3, i cannot enable all three of them at the same time. So when i want to listen audio from the dvd drive, i have to enable the AUX input. But if i want to listen to audio played in the regular CD drive, i need to switch to CD AUDIO input before i can hear any sound. With the Burner it's the same story.

Enabling one of these three inputs automatically disables the other two.
I can however enable WAV sounds, MIDI and stuff at the same time.

How can i fix this porblem?
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  1. How can you have three analoge signals in use at the same time? to my knowledge, no SB card has ever had this feature. Are you sure that you were not hearing the sound through a digital connection, which is possible?

    If it works for you then don't fix it.
  2. On the SB Card there are three connectors, which i mentioned in my first post. To each of these connectors i connected a CDROM drive's analog output.
    When i put an audio cd in one of the drives (any one of them) and i pressed play on it, i would immediately hear sound through my pc speakers. Now, with the new lifeware 3.0 i can only enable one of these outputs at the same time. So if i put the cd in another drive, i have to change the audio settings of the SB Card first, which, in my opinion, is irritating.

    What do you mean by the Digital connection? I insert the cd in the drive, i click on any track showed in the explorer and it starts playing. To my knowledge the cd is played back through the analog channel. The digital way would imply raw data ripping from the drive, wouldn't it? So that sounds odd to me.

    Can anyone tell me more about this?
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