Is the i3 processors usable for another 6 years ?

Hi I am planning to build a medium level gaming rig that can play atleast Crysis 1/Assasins Creed Brotherhood (You get the idea), on a very tight budget.

After much research based on performance and cost (cost, mainly!), I have rounded upon
CPU : i3 - 3220 3.3 Ghz
Mobo : DH61ZE / DH61BL (Please say which combo will be better)

I already have a 9500 GT graphics card.

So how does this config sound?

Also, how long do you all think it will take for the i3 processors to get outdated?

Thanks for sharing your inputs.
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  1. The i3 should be alright for a decent period of time, probably 2-3 years before being really outdated.

    The 9500 GT is not a good option, it is very old and very low end.
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