New build gives no mem post but then stuck after mem inserted

I managed to get the long beep and two short beeps indicating no memory.. after inserting the memory, in various combinations, i get stuck in the same loop..

Cpu light flashes for 1 sec then off.. mem light on for 1 sec then off
cpu light flashes for 0.5 sec then off.. mem light for 0.5 sec then off
cpu light for 0.5 sec.. then all off and restarts loop.

I have tried reseating the cpu, resetting the cmos and various combinations of ram sticks in each of the slots.


Asus P8Z68-V Pro/Gen 3
Intel i7-3770k, 3.5ghz.. stock cooler and fan
4 x Komputer Bay 4gb 1600mhz
500w psu. Unsure as to the psu make and model.. it's years old and was working fine last night powering my old motherboard it's the 20+4 variety with a seperate 4 pin for the cpu.

The ram sticks were a concern.. they arrived in non-padded envolope.. plastic container and on removing two of them from the packet the heat sinks fell off.. even after putting them back on they randomly fall off whenever I try and prise a component out of the motherboard, plug/unplug the power connectors or generally look at them too hard.

Any suggestions welcome.
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  1. one long and two short indicates a graphics card problem

    is there one in the computer? Does it have an additional power connector?
  2. Thanks Outlander. I have no additional graphics card.. just onboard atm.

    Are you saying the CPU light is indicating graphics card problem.. and the mem light? What does that mean? Is it supplementary to the cpu light? I'm not sure about the LED codes and what each means.. is there a link to that somewhere?

    Or are you referring to the original beeps that I got.. according to the manual (page 2-48) one continuous and two short beeps is no memory.. this also seems to be standard as per the endless pages I've read in the forums here (unless I'm missing something.. it has been a long night).

    AFAIK, starting the board with no memory and getting the one long and two short beeps is confirmation that the board has reached the stage where it checks for memory.
  3. I managed to solve this myself via some internet research. Basically the P8Z68-V Pro/Gen3 motherboard does not support Ivybridge until the BIOS is upgraded.. get the latest bios from ASUS website, flash the mobo and your away. Of course if you don't have a sandybridge cpu lying around then you can't fire up the bios to flash it, you'll need to borrow one.. or buy one on short term lease :whistle:
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