How to build your own computer

how to build your own computer

I'm trying to build my own computer but im not to sure what Graphic card to buy, I have checked with some sites but couldn't find exact one. My requirement is to connect my PC to the HD TV with 32"(Toshiba). So please let me know the best and cheap graphic card manufactures and correct model number..

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  1. how much are you willing to spend?
  2. budget is arrond 100$ for graphic card...
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    THis is the most powerful video card on newegg for 100 dollars:

    You just need to make sure your power supply is up to snuff, needs a name brand PSU with 450w and 24amps on the 12v rail (you can see these specs on the side of the power supply).

    This card does have an HDMI output to go to your TV, you would need to buy a cable tho.
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