Driver Issue or faulty card?

I just bought an new XFX DD 7950 and installed it into my pc and windows automatically downloaded the "amd radeon 7900series" driver but when I tried to do something for EG Browsing the Internet. After a few minutes the screen would either blank out and reboot or else the screen would black out with symetrical lines going down the screen. I have been through many forums and done everything I think possible, I have redownloaded drivers, driver sweeper, clean install on HDD, format HDD, try it through safe mode, reseat card, delete all driver and just install the ones I need. I have done everything and it is not my system either here are my specs:
Athlon 450 3.2ghz (bottleneck anyway, I know:P)
250gb HDD
4GB Crucial 1333mhz (tested on memtest and works fine)
Asus M5A78L-M/USB3.

Please help guys I'm not sure if it is the card or drivers but if it is any help I was able to get into the Crysis pre-release demo after trying for ages and I was playing it for 2hrs straight maxed out and the temps were fine.

Il ring AMD tomorrow but guys please help, I will literally kiss your shoes if you help;)

Heres a screenshot of GPU-Z if it is any help.
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  1. Everything looks fine and recognized well. Do you get "A display driver stopped..." message? When the monitor goes black, does it return after seconds?

    What's your PSU model?

    Also, have you tried a fresh install of Win?
  2. Yep, Ive done a fresh install of windows, When the screen goes black sometimes the sound stays and sometimes it just goes all distorted and reboots. After being on the internet for a while it just artifacts with symetrical lines down the screen.

    My PSU is an XFX 750W XXX edition with 62A on the 12V rail
  3. So maybe you should ask of RMA, I don't know why XFX has many issues with their the past they were the best.
  4. Yeah I think i will, I was just trying to rule out if it was a driver problem or the card itself but it seems to be the card.
    Here is the picture of the artifact I get after being on the internet or starting a game
  5. Seems like a problem with the card itself, it's obvious. And for God's sake change that CPU :p
    Don't double post your threads.
  6. I just tested it on my other new motherboard and still the same problem persists, as soon as I load a game the screen goes black with all multicolours and the pc reboots.
  7. :( My fear has happened then, I bought it off so should I RMA it and get a refund and buy the sapphire 7950 OC?
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