Computer crashing to black screen with loud noise, dont know what to do next

I have a computer with these specs, Please go to link My computer has been crashing with gaming and nothing else. The crash consists of a black screen and a load noise from the speakers that wont stop until I manually turn off the PSU. It happens on multiple games and is never consistent on when it happens, so I started trouble shooting. I have been trouble shooting on and off for about a month. So I ran multiple diag tests on the computer first. Ran Memtest which gave me some bad ram. I was originally running 8 gbs of ram but now am running 4 since I found 2 sticks were bad. Traded out the power source with a brand new one. Problem persisted. Traded with a new video card and problem still persisted. Then thought maybe I had something wrong with the my programs so I reinstalled windows 7 with a complete format of my hard drive. Updated everything again, games still crashed. So far I have ruled out faulty programing (registery, etc.), the ram, the PSU, and the graphics card. I am leaning towards the cpu and motherboard but cant think of anyway to test them. There is a small burn mark I noticed on the motherboard at the lower right hand side of the board near the power pins for the tower.So after all I have done, Am I off track in thinking it is the CPU or motherboard? Thanks for any help that can be provided
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  1. wow sounds like youve done plenty of trouble shooting before hitting the forums, good effort. Cant offer any advice myself im afriad other than googling the issue and asking the community which youve done.....

    does sound like the most likely fault is the cpu, i.e. under high loads (gaming) it crashes the computer, have you tried running other stress tests other than games to see if it cause the same crash? how olds the cpu and do u OC?

    MoBo burn mark doesnt sound good tho....

    more here to give you support to the dreaded computer crash, chin up
  2. Thanks for the support, ran multiple stress tests before I started replacing parts. Unfortunately I cant remember them all. After getting rid of the bad ram, the computer passes mem test after 8 passes. I cant remember all the other tests I ran but it passed all of them but one. Even the one it did not pass it only failed after hours of running it. I wish I could remember the one it failed. I did run heavyload, memtest, and several others I cant remember. Sorry I will have to research the ones I did.
  3. update: finally was able to get the computer to crash but had to run both prime 95 and furmark at the same time. It crashed after running for 35 min. What is annoying is that I called Gigabyte support and they tried to convince me that it was the graphics card even though I told them that I had switched it out with a brand new one and still was having the same problem. Quickly becoming a non fan of Gigabyte. Thought I was buying a quality board with them. But that is not working out to well.
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