Asus vs248h-p vs VE248H Eyefinity ? other ?

im building my first Eyefinity + 40 inc HDTV (4 monitors) setup and would like every ones help with it.

1-which of the monitors would be best:
asus vs248h-p

asus Ve248H

2-i have 2 GIGABYTE GV-R687OC-1GD Radeon HD 6870 (one is on the way)
would the be able to run battlefield 3 on ultra eyefinity ?

3- in the Future i would like to get 7970 or 680 GTX Surround only one would it be able to run (4 monitors) ?

4- what are the ports on the cards i would need to use for the setup Eyefinity + 40 inc HDTV (4 monitors) ?

thank you
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  1. All the monitors must be the same resolution for Eyefinity, but there's no problem configuring the 4th monitor to be non Eyefinity.

    One monitor must support the Displayport, or you'll need an Active DP to HDMI/DVI adapter to run Eyefinity.

    No, HD 6870s in CF is very weak for such a resolution, you might consider Crossfiring 2 high end cards such as HD 7950s or GTX 670s.

    Also, read this about Eyefinity.
  2. thank you for the reply i know that Eyefinity is only for the same resolution the 4 monitor 4 would be used for non-gaming.
    monitor 1 dvi
    monitor 2 Active DP to DVI
    monitor 3 dvi
    monitor 4 (TV) HDMI (non-gaming)
    would this work

    also which is best asus vs248h-p or Ve248H
  3. Yes it would. Go with the cheapest I don't see any real difference.
    And currently one of them is out stock.
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