9800GTX fan suddenly got loud

My 9800GTX has been ok for years, but suddenly one day when i turned on my PC, i noticed the fan was extremely loud, loud enough to be heard 10 metres away. I know it's the GPU fan because i can restrict it's movement and the noise will stop.
My system specs are:
Foxconn G31-MXP motherboard
intel Q9550 CPU
Nvidia 9800GTX
450W PSU
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  1. Could be dust in the fan/heatsink. Did you try cleaning it?
  2. Yes i cleaned a lot of dust from the fan and it sounds exactly the same, and its enclosed which makes cleaning harder.
  3. What is your gpu temp? Try reseting gpu and check power cable connection.
  4. GPU temp is 38 at idle, checked power cable connection a bit ago, and how do i reset the GPU.
    Thanks for the answers.
  5. You should easily be able to remove your GPU panel. I remember the one on my 9800GT being just 3 screws away. I still think there is dust clogging the heatsink under where you can't reach so the heat doesn't transfer properly and the GPU is sending signals to the fan to speed up because it thinks it's hot.

    But if it's not that, maybe it's just that the cooler's time has come. I mean, 9800GTX is an old card. You could try replacing the cooler, if you don't want to get a new GPU.
  6. lol 3 fans? I tried to remove the panel already and after 15 screws i got bored and put it back together.
  7. *screws for some reason it won't let me edit
  8. pretty sure my 9800GTX is unbranded.
  9. oh yeah that's it, thanks.
  10. The two most likely scenarios are as follows:

    dirty needs cleaning (already mentioned by esteemed colleagues)
    one of the bearings have gone south, sometimes tapping the fan will quiet it for awhile. (preferably while off)
    The solutions in that case are replace cooling system with an aftermarket, (not cost effective) Riding it out and living with it. The last solution would be to replace the card.
  11. Thanks. How would i go about cleaning it?
  12. Just never give up while unscrewing, you can do it, we believe in you! :D And when the panel's off just use a brush(gently) or some sort of air stream.
  13. Just took it apart and dusted it and still the same. I have nothing plugged into the 2 pin connector on the side of the card, would it help if i did?
  14. Any help please?
  15. Maybe the fan goes wrong. Sometimes it may happen for old gfx.
  16. bearing in the fan....that leaves live with it, replace the cooling assembly, or more wisely replace the card. I wouldnt bother putting money into an aftermarket cooler for an old card, that could have something else go wrong with it after repairing it.
  17. Alright thanks.
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