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Internal XGA plug to VGA


I hope I am in the right Sub-category, because I wasn't able to find something, which is fitting directly to my problem.

I have just taken of the display of my old and not working HP compaq nc6000. I want to use it as a normal vga display. (And yes, the display should still be working.) But I am not sure how to get it running. There is a plug that definitely looks like the Display Plug.
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It is marked with a Sign, that is showing, that this should be a xga plug, I think it should be possible to just have kind of an adapter for it. Because xga is a technology that was developed after vga and based on vga. Another thing, that is interesting on this sign is, that it is showing the sps number (some kind of product number) of the cable. It is: "SPS:344396-001" You can find quite a lot of these cables on eBay, so it should be a common standard.
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As well there are three more cables coming out of the display. I am quite sure, that two of them are for some kind of antenna. (Maybe Wifi?).
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And the third one is either the cable for the microphone, that is in the display or it is to power the Display, but I think this is done over the main plug.
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So my final question is: "Do you know if there is a adapter to VGA existing, or do you have an Idea on how to build one?"


P.S.: Your BB-Code is working nicely, I like that :D
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  1. so you are asking about using a laptop display like a desktop monitor?
  2. Yes, that is, what I am basically up to.
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    though you may have better luck in the lap top section; where some folks may have "rewired" a 40 pin xga plug.
    this here is power color; a manufacturer of desktop graphic cards.
  4. Okay, that sounds good.
    Do you have a direct link to this discussion you talked about, or do you think I should just repost my post in the laptop section?
  5. just repost and ask a Mod to move/delete this.
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